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Image by Jills from Pixabay

Hi everyone! If you’re a follower of mine you would probably know this page by the name “Tiffany” — super boring I know.

Tiffany isn’t even my real name as I wish to protect my identity and lately, I’ve been feeling somewhat inauthentic because of the name. I don’t want to hide behind a pen name anymore. I want to be real with all of you as much as possible.

I recently decided to reinvent myself here on Medium and with that comes some special changes. I changed the name of my page to “Ethereal Being.” It’s also obviously not my real name, but it is what I am. An ethereal being.

I felt like the name was super fitting for my page as well and if you check out the type of articles I write about, you’ll see why.

This is a spiritual page that talks about life beyond the third dimension. The only thing I ask of you is to please explore my page with an open mind.

Something worth mentioning is that I am strongly connected to my spirit guide and a lot of my pieces include channeled messages from her. Sometimes she pops in when I write and likes to add in some advice for the collective which I am very grateful for!

I have plans of writing full pieces using just information from my spirit guide if she allows me to.

I will also be putting out intuition tests from time to time so that we can all strengthen our intuition together.

In my articles, you’ll notice I use the word “universe” a lot and I want to make it clear I do not use it as a substitute for God. When I say universe I mean angels, ancestors, spirit guides, Starseed family, etc. I will mention God when necessary and when I do, I’m not talking about a specific God. I personally don’t have a religion because I believe there is truth in all of them.

Feel free to insert your God’s name when I mention God if it makes you feel more comfortable!

I also want to make it clear that I will not tolerate any hateful comments bashing any type of religion or belief system. If you leave a nasty comment it will get deleted and you will be blocked.