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Hi everyone! If you’re a follower of mine you would probably know this page by the name “Tiffany” — super boring I know.

Tiffany isn’t even my real name as I wish to protect my identity and lately, I’ve been feeling somewhat inauthentic because of the name. I don’t want…

Ever notice your manifestations slow down when you stop meditating?

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Have you ever found a really good guided meditation dedicated to exactly what you’re trying to attract? You try this meditation and not only is it perfect, but it also helps your manifestations come towards you at the speed of light.

But lately, you’ve been busy with work and caring…

Believe in the universe and yourself to be prosperous

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You ever had big dreams for yourself but then shut them down because you felt like it was impossible? You ever had a thought that maybe there is a chance this could happen for you, but then replaced that thought with “No way, that’s just unrealistic”?

Well, I’m here to…

What do souls do in heaven and what is hell really like?

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The thought of dying tends to frighten people. Knowing that death can come knocking on your door at any second can definitely send a shiver down your spine. Trust me, it’s completely understandable. Being curious about the afterlife is also normal.

When I was younger my family members would always…

Calm down. The universe has got your back.

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Attraction starts within you. If you constantly assume the worst, then the worst will happen. If you assume that you’ll receive the best possible outcome, then you will receive the best. …

And the people you meet are your reflection

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In life, we’ll encounter people who might not vibe on the same frequency we do. We think one way and think another. We act a certain way and they’ll do the exact opposite.

We’ll encounter people that we are incompatible with.

We are meant to interact with these individuals because…

It’s not as complicated you think

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“Dear universe, thank you for life. Thank you for the food on my table. Thank you for the water that I get to drink every day. Thank you for the struggles I’ve faced in life as well as the knowledge I’ve gained from them. Thank you for divinely protecting me…

Not everyone has the same timeline

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The waiting game is quite possibly the worst game you can play in life. Sure, patience can definitely be a virtue — if it’s for the right things.

Knowing that your desires will come into your life at the right time is perfectly fine and actually a very good mindset…

The easiest way to repel negative energy

Image by Dr StClaire from Pixabay

We’ve all been on the road to success before. Working day and night, putting endless hours into something all while wondering when you’ll achieve the things you believe you deserve. Finally being able to reap the rewards of it can make you feel fulfilled beyond measure.

Achieving your goal will…

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